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Distance Education

Distance Learning Education

Accessible Distance Education: You may have heard that distance learning is a little different from face-to-face teaching. In this approach, the classroom is no longer in a fixed address, nor does it have certain schedules, with a teacher for several students. It is virtual and you study wherever, whenever and how you desire. We call this model “Distance Education”. Despite the name, these courses are not actually distant because there are many professionals involved to take care of the quality of learning. Be aware that you will never be alone when taking an online course. Despite the facilities, the student of a distance course must have determination, commitment and be willing to study. You are responsible for charging it. Our platform has several tools to help you in the learning process.

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Lessons, Videolessons and Podcasts

Lessons designed by the best teachers and professionals, with clear and up-to-date contents. Videolessons with versions in Libras and the new format of content: the Podcast. Also provides audio lessons, designed especially for people with visual impairment.

Forums, Exercises and Simulators

Forums are stimulated in constructive discussions among colleagues. They are held at each lesson and can be part of your grade. Exercises enable learning the contents studied in class, and simulators enable applying the concepts learned in practice. All of them are easy to understand and affordable.


The classroom may not have a fixed address, but it may have an appointment. Through videoconferencing the tutor can bring the students together in a virtual classroom, where they can answer questions, discuss content studied in class with classmates, solve activities and more. Attention: it is necessary to use a webcam, microphone and headphones or speakers to participate in the videoconferences.


Maintaining the organization is fundamental to distance learning. Thus, we have designed a calendar where all the important activities of your course are listed, so that you do not lose a single commitment. On the platform you have the overview of your calendar, and in the mobile application the appointments are organized by day and course. There only existing appointments are shown.

Internal Mail and Chat

To facilitate communication between students and tutors, our platform has a robust and efficient messaging system. The student can choose to send a message, in text or video, to their tutor or to initiate a conversation by the chat, also by text and video. In addition to all the interaction our tool provides, it is still possible to request Portuguese-Libras-Portuguese translation. This provides much more accessibility and interactivity for learning.

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Bilingual glossary

Don’t you know or understand a word that came up during the lesson? Check it up in our glossary! With more than 470 terms, and translation in Libras, our glossary is designed to support all our students, both disabled and non-disabled. You know what's even better? You can also suggest new words that are in the lessons but are not in the glossary, so that we can enter them into the list of terms.

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