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The Internet is an increasingly important resource in many aspects of life: education, work, leisure and others. It needs to be accessible to provide equal access and opportunities for all. Taking this issue into consideration, we have created a web platform and a mobile e-learning application that has accessibility features such as: high contrast on screen, text size adjustment, voice commands, audiodescription in images and videos, translations in Libras for the text content of the platform and application.

moça acenando e sorrindo para o computador

High contrast in the application and web platform

This feature, when turned on, leaves the page background completely black, with the letters in white and the colors of the links in yellow. Combined with letter size adjustment, they maximize the experience of visually impaired people. To enable this feature on the web, go to the accessibility menu and click the high contrast button or press (AltGr + A) to go straight to accessibility. In the application, click the high contrast button in the upper left corner of the screen, one of the first items in the screen reading.

Adjustment in text font size

Increasing, decreasing and restoring font size in all content texts and links makes it easy for many visually impaired or low vision users to gain a better understanding of the content without the help of a computer magnifier. This accessibility option works on every page of the website, so you do not have to resize the font on every page you visit. When pressed, the function causes all letters to increase up to 4 times their original size.

Audiodescription on images and videos

All information on a page should be accessible, so it should be presented in text. This means that if an image or sound is used, the information must be repeated in a textual description. The textual equivalent has the function of translating the image or sound into text, in clear and simple language, especially if it is necessary for the understanding the content. Therefore, all our media have audiodescription.

Video in Libras available for all content

The video in Libras is aimed especially at the hearing impaired people. In these videos, we transcribe the contents of the platform and the application, so that people with hearing disabilities can have a better understanding of the content displayed.

Virtual Keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard is an accessibility utility that displays a keyboard on the computer screen, allowing people with motor disabilities to enter data using a pointing device or joystick. In addition to providing a minimum level of functionality for people with motor impairments, the virtual keyboard can also help people who cannot type. With that in mind, we provide this functionality in our web platform.

Voice Command

Access the Calendar, Glossary, Lessons, your Profile and more with just one voice command. Activate the tool on the platform and in the application whenever you need it. It is only available for Google Chrome and our Android mobile app.

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