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Fundamentals of Database with Java


To contribute to raising student knowledge by applying Java Language and its elements: UML, Class Modeling, Database Persistence (using the JDBC API and Hibernate Framework).


  • For this course, you need to have some knowledge of structured storage and skills to program using Threads and understand client-server applications. Such content is covered in the course Integration of Applications and Services with Java.
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The course in numbers:


hours of class throughout the course.


lessons, one per week.


lessons, one per week.


hours a day, 7 days a week.

Course Content

  • 1. UML

  • to address the definitions and operation of the main UML diagrams.rn

  • 2. Class Modeling

  • to present the class diagram and its functionality.rn

  • 3. Database I

  • to present and explain the types of databasesrn

  • 4. Database II

  • to present the concepts of Relational Databases, applied together with Java Language.rn

  • 5. Database III

  • to approach the Structured Query Language to understand thernprocess of building databases.rn

  • 6. Database IV

  • to exercise the application of content from previous lessons in Java programs, starting from the basic concepts of the Java Database APIrnConnectivity.rn

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