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Applications and Services Integration in Java

General objective

To guide the student in creating and editing files, in client-server applications, in modeling and basic concepts of databases.


  • For this course, you need to have some basic knowledge on Java Language, such as Java Data Input, Exceptions, Data Structures and Documentation. The course Introduction to Java Application Development addresses all these concepts and more.
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Course Content

  • 1. Basic Java Review

  • to retake the concepts of Class and Object to establish the understanding of relationships between objects.rn

  • 2. Files

  • to address the use of files and present the types, classes, and interfaces in Java, used for their manipulation.

  • 3. Threads

  • to present the concept of Thread and its operating process.rn

  • 4. Client-Server Application

  • to present the P2P and client-server applications for network, as well as to explain the interconnection of computers by application.rn

  • 5. Java EE

  • to approach application servers, servlets and the first Web applications.rn

  • 6. Java Technologies

  • to present the new features and functionalities of functional programming and the innovations of Java Language.rn

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