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Object-Oriented Programing Fundamentals in Java


To teach the necessary fundamentals for the development of solutions to Java language problems.

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Course Content

  • 1. The Java Language

  • to introduce the concept of Java Programming Language, defining its general aspects, its operation and emphasizing its importance towards the technological advance.rn

  • 2. Java Data Types, Arrays, Methods, and Commands

  • to present and give examples of the basic data types and the elements of Java syntax, including the manipulation and creation of arrays and the definition and methods.rn

  • 3. Object Oriented Programming

  • to present the concept of the elements that make up the Object Oriented Programming, exposing and exemplifying the role of classes and objects in Java and the concept of member encapsulation, as well as the function of methods constructors.rn

  • 4. Packages

  • to approach the concept and operation of Java packages, emphasizing their definition and the importance of their applicability.rn

  • 5. Inheritance

  • to address the concept and operation of inheritance in Object Oriented Programming, taking into how to exercise application in Java class.rn

  • 6. Abstract Classes and Interfaces

  • to present the definition and importance of Abstract Classes and Interfaces, applying their concepts in a hierarchy of inheritance.rnrn

  • 7. Polymorphism

  • to present the definition and highlight the importance of Polymorphism, developing its applications in Java classes.rn

  • 8. Overload

  • to present the concepts, point out the advantages of method overload and address the rules for creating overloaded methods.rn

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