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Entrepreneurship and Ethics


Thinking innovatively is somewhat challenging. In this course, you will be encouraged to think outside the box and develop ideas of business potential.

The course in numbers:


hours of class throughout the course.


lessons, one per week.


Carried out 100% remotely, with access from anywhere.


hours a day, 7 days a week.

Course Content

  • 1. Introduction to entrepreneurship:

  • understanding the fundamentals of the entrepreneurial process and the entrepreneurial characteristics.rn

  • 2. From the idea to the value proposition:

  • get to know where good ideas come from.rn

  • 3. Business model:

  • characterize business model and business plan through Canvas.rn

  • 4. You and the entrepreneurial ecosystem:

  • enable you to project yourself by participating in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a transformative agent.rn

  • 5. Entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial ethics:

  • understanding the ethics and relationship of the interests of a company with the interests of society.rn

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