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Customer service


Service has a direct impact on the companies’ results. Offering quality service and products is not enough. The professional also needs to have wide perception and differentiated performance. Thus, the course “Customer Service” will provide the students with knowledge and practice skills to provide customers with a high quality service.

The course in numbers:


hours of class throughout the course.


lessons, one per week.


at distance, with access from anywhere.


hours a day, 7 days a week.

Course Content

  • 1. Knowing the business:

  • understanding the expectations of the current market regarding service.rn

  • 2. Excellence in service:

  • learn how to perform fast, effectively still offering a quality service to meet customers ‘needs.rn

  • 3. Service in practice:

  • understand the relevance of professional posture for a better adaptation to the environment and for dealing with people.rn

  • 4. Sales and Negotiations:

  • understanding how good relationships positively influence sales effectiveness.rn

  • 5. Ethics in service:

  • raising awareness about the importance of ethics in the work environment.rn

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