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General objective:

To promote the study and practice on solutions for the use of software and applications, considering the importance and the execution of these resources for the technological development of computers, being able to apply it in new and everyday situations.

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lessons, one per week.


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Course Content

  • 1. Microsoft Windows

  • to present the fundamentals of the Windows operating system, with its main resources and tools for daily use.

  • 2. Microsoft Word

  • to present the text editor with its various resources, including the various formatting styles and features.rn

  • 3. Microsoft Excel

  • to present the concepts of Excel spreadsheet, teaching from the basic functions such as inserting and formatting data, manipulating formulas and creating graphs.rn

  • 4. Microsoft Power Point

  • to introduce the use of PowerPoint to generate presentations. To Teach from the creation of slides, customization, including themes and elements of animation.rn

  • 5. E-mail: Microsoft

  • to present the use of Outlook and Gmail to send email messages,rnemail management and contact management.rn

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