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Introduction to Application Development in Java



  • For this course, you need to get some basic knowledge on Java Language and its elements, and you should be able to create solutions for simple problems.The course Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming with Java is a good suggestion for acquiring these skills.
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The course in numbers:


hours of class throughout the course.


lessons, one per week.


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hours a day, 7 days a week.

Course Content

  • 1. Data input in Java

  • to demonstrate the process of installing and configuring the Java platform and give examples of the implementation procedure of data input in a Java program.rn

  • 2. Exceptions

  • to present the general aspects of exceptions, exemplify a Java application and create customized exceptions.rn

  • 3. Data Structures

  • to present the data structures and the process of manipulation of its elements.rn

  • 4. Javadoc

  • to present the Javadoc tool to work on the Java documentation, reinforcing the importance of program documentation.rn

  • 5. JavaFX I

  • to work on the concept and functions of the JavaFX library and implement some components of graphical interface.rn

  • 6. JavaFX II

  • to present the functions of the Scene Builder tool, performing the treatment and implementation of events.rn

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