Inglês Intermediário 1 | Dell – Aprendizado Acessível

Inglês Intermediário 1

Objetivo Geral

Estabeleça fluência inicial sobre situações do cotidiano e comece a usar o vocabulário aprendido de forma mais natural e contextualizada.

O curso em números:


horas de aula em todo o curso.


aulas, uma por semana.


à distância, com acesso de qualquer lugar.


por dia, 7 dias por semana.

Conteúdo Programático

  • 1. What are you like?

  • Present (present simple; present continuous; action and non-action verbs; relative clauses; word order in questions). Family; personality adjectives; common verb phrases.

  • 2. I used to do a lot of things.

  • Past (past simple; regular and irregular verbs; used to; past continuous; questions with and without auxiliaries; so, because, but, although). Holidays (go camping, go away etc.); the weather; prepositions of time and place; prepositions of movement; question words; music; verb phrases.

  • 3. Talking about future events.

  • Future (going to and present continuous for future arrangements; will for predictions; will for promises, offers and decisions). Opposite verbs; confusing verbs: hope x wait, know x meet etc. verb + back; verb + prepositions;

  • 4. Have you finished it yet?

  • Present perfect (with ever and never; with yet, just and already; with for and since; present perfect vs past simple; present perfect continuous). House chores; verb phrases; time expressions (spend time, waste time etc.); guessing meaning from context biographies; money.

  • 5. What should I do?

  • Modals (possibilities - can, could, may, might; obbligations: must, have to; advice: should).Modifiers: a bit, really etc; the body; sicknesses; at the doctor; at the pharmacy.

  • 6. How healthy are you?

  • Adjectives and adverbs (comparative with as... as...; less than; superlative with ever and present perfect; something, anything, nothing etc; quantifiers: too, not enought etc. Adjectives: ending in -ing and –ed; health and lifestyle: wear, sunscreen etc; opposite adjectives;rnprepositions of movement; sport.rn

  • 7. Take out the trash.

  • Phrasal verbs (word order; formal and informal). Phrasal verbs with look (after, for etc.); so/neither + auxiliaries; similarities.rn

  • 8. If you study English, you will learn it!

  • Conditionals (zero conditional; first conditional; second conditional). Confusing verbs; animals; word building: noun formation; get verbs.

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